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Learn Nepali Language

Center for Language and Cross-culture Training (CLCT) was established in July 2007 by Dinesh and Rekha Rajbhandari, who have worked more than 25 years in the field of teaching Nepali language and culture to the expatriates from various countries.

CLCT guarantees a high-quality language and cross-cultural training program to our clients, using its highly qualified and experienced old memoryinstructors and up-to-date training resources. All our instructors are with many years of experience in language instruction.

CLCT aims to enable learners to successfully achieve proficiency in the Nepali language and understand the culture and people of Nepal. Our courses will enable the learners to live and act properly with the people of Nepal during their course of stay. This purpose will be fulfilled through the provision of instructors, curricula, resources, and opportunities provided by the CLCT and that, which will be most appropriate to each learner.

We build great platform for
Learners, Instructors & Professionals.