Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Most of our participants are expatriates, overseas volunteers, research students who plan to stay in Nepal for long or short term.
Most of the classes are either one to one or in pairs.
None, we accept all levels from complete beginners to advanced levels.
Most of our programs are very flexible and you can select your length of time, from 2 to 20 weeks in length.
Yes, upon request. Most of our programs offer a certificate of proficiency.
We require that the families live within a reasonable distance from the training center, have ample living space, live in a clean, safe, comfortable environment, and enjoy hosting international individuals.
Yes, in most cases we arrange orientation trips to temples, monasteries, museums, local communities etc. These visits intend to provide cultural information of the country.
The price depends on the number of classes you take. Please visit the page for full details. You can pay either by bank transfer or cash.
Yes. We give you a 100% guarantee on this.
We will assign a teacher, as you don’t know any of our teachers. All our teachers are native Nepali teachers who have a deep understanding of our teaching method. We have a specialized process to match teachers with new students.
We offer you the flexibility to change teachers if you want. A new teacher will be provided within 7 business days of request.
Yes, you will get the same teacher unless you want to change the teacher.
A session will be identical to you having a conversation with a native Nepali speaker in real life. You can talk about simply any topic – from sports to movies to culture to politics. The teachers are trained to conduct these sessions in such a way that you get maximum chances to talk in Nepali. Your teacher will make corrections during the conversation and help you improve grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc.
Believe it or not it is practical and fun most of the time, even when you are in class. Our programs are geared to provide complete immersion which means learning by experience. Class material is presented in an interactive manner, not a boring lecture format. Optional activities may include cooking classes, museum tours, afternoon excursions and fiestas. Plus, you’ll have lots of free time to create your own fun.
We offer a lot of flexibility – you can have classes anytime, between 9 AM and 4 PM, 6 days a week.
Our institute is located in Pepsicola Town Planning in Kathmandu, but most of the lessons are arranged in the learner’s own residence or work places.
Generally, if you do the full course, you will have 3 hours of lesson each day with coffee breaks after each hour. If you choose to have hourly lessons, the minimum time is 1 hour session.
You will need a notebook and a pen. We will provide you a textbook.
Skype is a very reliable method of making free voice calls over the Internet. You can make a free Skype Test call to see sound quality. Also, please make sure you use a set of good earphones and speakers.
We recommend using Skype from a computer (or laptop) for your lessons. Using Skype on your phone might work if your wi-fi connection is really strong but this is not a very reliable method.
If you are unable to attend any lesson in the scheduled time you have to notice it at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. If you cancel your lesson with less than 24 hours’ notice or miss it, the lesson is to be considered as if it was completed. Lessons cannot be cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours before the lesson is due to commence.
If you decide to terminate your course and will not attend the rest of the planned lessons, you are entitled for a refund for the lessons you have not completed. The remainder of the course fee will be refunded to student within 7-10 business days.

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