Teaching Approach

Teaching Approach - Learn Nepali Language

We use Communicative Teaching  Approach a learner-focused approach to teaching the language.
The communicative approach is based on the idea that learning language successfully comes through having to communicate real meaning. When learners are involved in real communication, their natural strategies for language acquisition will be used, and this will allow them to learn to use the language.
Our classroom activities are guided by the communicative approach characterized by trying to produce meaningful and real communication, at all levels. As a result, there are more emphasis on skills than systems, lessons are more learner-centered, and the materials we use are authentic. The learners are given the opportunity to understand not only what they can learn in the language classroom, but also how they can learn and use the language they are studying more effectively and efficiently.
We believe that each individual learner has his/her own learning styles and preferences. Learning becomes more effective where the learners find things out for themselves, so we encourage and help our learners to develop their own learning strategies suited to their learning styles and preferences in learning and using the language. Our instructors use various teaching styles and strategies that are suitable to the individual learner’s learning styles, which ultimately increase significantly the effectiveness of their learning the language.
CLCT’s methodology and courses expose the learner to real-life dialogue in real-life situations from the earliest stage. From the first day of the course, the learners are encouraged to communicate effectively in the target language. The course is taught in English and Nepali and includes coverage of the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing and a balance between communicative activities, structure practice and grammar appropriate to context.

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