I loved my language classes with CLCT

I loved my language classes with CLCT. Spending three hours per morning practicing Nepali before heading out into Nepal and trying to apply the lessons I’d learned was a wonderful way to develop my language skills, and very enjoyable. The course that the CLCT has put together is fantastic, and perfectly anticipates the vocabulary and sentence structure you’ll need to develop with each succeeding day spent in Nepal. In addition, my experience very much benefited from their guidance on cultural cues, including everything from help learning to negotiate a taxi ride, to learning to cook momo, to buying clothing for my field research.

As part of my CLCT program I participated in a homestay, from which I had the opportunity to both continue to practice the language after returning home each night, and also to develop a relationship with one of the families with whom CLCT coordinates homestays. It was a wonderful experience all around, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone seeking to have a more authentic experience in Nepal and acquire language proficiency at the same time. I can’t wait to go back.

Meredith Trainer

Master’s Candidate School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Yale University, USA

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